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The Art of Kinfolk

The Art of Kinfolk

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The Art of Kinfolk will be released in the start of October.

With over 650,000 copies of their books in print and nearly 50 issues of their magazine distributed worldwide, Kinfolk has come to define the taste of a generation: From interiors to fashion, portraiture, food and travel, the consistently boundary-pushing photography produced by the brand has coalesced into one of the most influential and immersive lifestyle aesthetics of the last decade.

The Art of Kinfolk brings more than 300 of the most iconic images from the first decade of the magazine into focus. Ranging from the deceptively simple to the surreal to the perennially stylish, this collection of originally commissioned photography captures the arc of an artistic adventure, a creative community at work, and in the process illuminates one of the most enigmatic aesthetics of the era.

Dimensions 27,5 × 3,2 × 34 cm




ISBN 9781648293061
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