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Menswear Illustration

Menswear Illustration

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International sales of menswear have exploded in recent years as the discerning man, whatever his style, seeks to express himself through fashion. One exciting outcome is that fashion illustration is no longer dominated by womenswear. This book, the first up-to-the-minute survey of the exciting new trend of contemporary menswear illustration, features forty of the most interesting and innovative menswear illustrators.

The author Richard Kilroy is a top menswear illustrator in his own right and has brought together the most versatile creative talents from around the globe, including from the United States, France, Russia, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.

This new generation of artists is redefining the look of fashionable men, who are alternatively sexy, sharp, rakish or cool, with outfits straight off the catwalks or pure street style. From the exuberant street sketches of Richard Haines, drawn then and there on the streets of New York, to the delicate drawings of Cédric Rivrain for Lanvin, or the bold graphic approach of Donald Urquhart, these groundbreaking talents are expanding our perceptions of the modern man. Whether drawn in pencil, splashed across a sketchbook or digitally rendered, the work is as varied in style as menswear itself.


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