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Designing your World II

Designing your World II

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Designing Your World II presents 17 new high-end projects conceived by top designer Marcel Wolterinck, in the Netherlands and abroad. Once again, they demonstrate the enormous creativity and versatility of his design agency, based in Laren. These recent projects reflect – magnificently – the highest possible standards in living and working environments today.

Whether a traditional country estate in the province of Utrecht, an airy loft in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam, or a colorful holiday villa in Ibiza – each project is unique. And yet a serenity which is never dull, modernity expressed in warm, natural materials, and a graceful unity of outdoors and indoors, identify each one unmistakably as the work of Wolterinck.


Mått: 28,5 × 4,5 × 35,5 cm

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